Make some tea for your hair!

1904256_670087256404984_772931577929171577_nHOW TO MAKE
Any brand of black tea will do.
* Try make a pitcher (jug) full to carry out the rinsing process. I.e. use 2-3 teabags to 1 – 1.5 litres of water. (depending on how long your hair is, for more or less coverage.) …
* Boil your water in a kettle, measure out in a glass (heatproof) jug, add your tea bags, stir and leave to steep, until the solution is cool enough to use.
(I like to add 3 drops of tea tree oil and 3 drops of eucalyptus essential oils to 1 litre of the tea solution to give it a sweet, refreshing smell and to add a growth stimulating effect and anti-bacterial/antibiotic properties.)
* Rinse your conditioner out as usual, then use the tea solution as your final rinse.


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